Api was found one day badly injured with wounds and scars. The sanctuary put him in the sector with the young Bonobos to ensure safety. Without further threat, he starts to heal himself through breathing.

“To assist the body in repairs and building or rebuilding, some relationship to this primal position is used in many exercises for the particular purpose of encouraging more energy flow, especially when used together with the life breath” Dr. Randolf Stone – Polarity Therapy, Vol 2, book 6.

“Breath is the basic expression of the life energy. It enables us to unload accumulated stress and stagnant energy via inhalation. With each inhalation, we receive an abundance of fresh, purified energy” Alice Burmeister  – The touch of healing, energizing body, mind, and spirit with the art of Jinshin Jyutsu

Footage – C. Moritz |  Video – R. Songe Lee | Art – R.Songe Lee




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