With an Architecture background and the independent filmmaking studies, I find film and video are the best medium for my expression.  As in Michelangelo Antonioni and Orson Wells, I deal with the spatial relationship of the characters.  With Ingmar Bergman’s insightful films and Tarkovsky’s visual brilliance, those are the goals I am trying to achieve.  My works involve in “Dissecting Architecture” as in my short film “the Fish in Bilbao” a 2 min. experimental.  My other works in the past had involved political and personal views which expressed in experimental videos such as “Strike First” which was made for a one minute film festival in Canada. Another experimental piece of ” WTC RIP”, a homage to the twin tower after 911 which was shown in Venice film festival, New territory section.  Past work also include Machinima videos, “Hot in the Disco” collaboration with Emil Memon.

My recent work deals with healing through alternative treatments such as energy as in my Embrace series.

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